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fb465-10153835978497146.jpgBy MeisterReviews2 comments
Magical Credit Reviews WOW! Thank you so much Magical Credit. I have never had a loan before so I was a bit scared to even consider getting one but I am fresh out of school and just landed my first ...AnswerThank you we appreciate your kind words!  We are so happy to know we could help you.   Please remember that for every person you refer to us and they are approved you will receive a $50 cheque ...

Magical Credit Review

By NicoleReviews2 comments
Magical Credit Review Thank you Magical Credit!   Deciding to get a loan given my poor credit history was not a decision I took lightly. But you were able to give me all the answers and information ...Answer Thank you Nicole!   So glad we could help you.    Kind Regards,    Magical Credit     For additional information about our cash loans, read how it works, and ...


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    By Anna
    Thank you for helping me when no one else would!
    Magical credit has helped me get a loan when all the banks turned me down! Thank you so much!
    helped me get a government subsidy loan on CCB. no regrets. thanks

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