How Soon After Bankruptcy Can I Apply for Credit?

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How Soon After Bankruptcy Can I Apply for Credit?

I have been discharged from my bankruptcy and am now looking for ways to rebuild my credit.
I was wanting to know more about what it is like applying for new credit after bankruptcy, will your company be able to help me with this? 
Thank you!


By Magical Credit
Hello Thank you for contacting Magical Credit!
If you have been discharged from bankruptcy and are looking to rebuild your credit you have come to the right place!
Magical Credit does offer loans for people who have been discharged from bankruptcy.
If you are approved and payments go through on time your credit score will continue to improve.
Please visit our website at for more information on how our loans work and to fill out an application with us.
Thank you,

Customer Service.
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Best Regards
Julia Jeehee chung
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2 months ago
good to know there is help available after something like bankruptcy.thank you for the helpful info


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    Definitely the best online loan provider in Canada. You really dont need to go anywhere else.
    By Anna
    Thank you for helping me when no one else would!
    Magical credit has helped me get a loan when all the banks turned me down! Thank you so much!

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