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Instant Verification Loans 

I am in need of a loan right away. I have been hearing a lot about most loans being given through instant verification.

What is instant verification and what are the benefits?

 Will this allow for me to get my loan a lot quicker? 


By Magical Credit
Thank you for contacting us, Instant Account Verification is a secure and convenient method to verify your READ ONLY bank statements with us. It operates at a bank security level to ensure the safety of customer’s information.
This method does help to expedite the process when applying while giving us the best information to approve you for a loan.
If you apply for a loan with us today you will hear back within as little as one business day and if you are approved, it takes 2 business days to receive the funds direct deposit.
If you would like more information about Instant Verification and more information on our short -term loans you can visit our website and visit our Frequently asked questions page at 
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8 months ago
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9 months ago
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