Loans for Part time Students in Canada

Loans for Part time Students in Canada

I noticed that you offer several different kinds of short term loans, do you also offer loan options for part-time students?  Any information would be awesome.
Thank you. 


By Magical Credit
Thank you for contacting us. 
 Magical Credit offers all types of loans, If you are currently receiving an income of $600 a month and direct deposit you are eligible for a loan with us! 
Our loans are range from $500-$10,000 at 6 month to 12-24 monthly term options and at an interest rate of 3.9 percent monthly that is the same for everyone who lends. 
Visit us at to see if you qualify.
Ready to apply? Fill out a quick application form here:
If you have any further questions on how our program works, please give our office a call at 1-877-213-2088 and we will be more than happy to speak with you.
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Are you a part-time student looking for a loan? Magical Credit can help, fill out our simple application online for more details about the loan options available.


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