Low Interest Loans for Bad Credit

Low Interest Loans for Bad Credit

I was wondering if Magical Credit could help me out. I have bad credit and need a loan, but everywhere I go the interest rates are insane!
I know that this is highly due to the risk factor associated with lending to me but I wish I could get a loan with a decent interest rate.
If I qualify for a loan through Magical Credit, does my interest rate stay the same or would I be eligible for a decrease if my repayments are steady?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you. 


By Magical Credit
Thank you for your inquiry. We are a bad credit lender and look beyond your credit scores when determining if someone can qualify for a loan with us.
Magical Credit has a fixed interest rate of 3.9% monthly for all loans.
They range from $500-$10,000 and our repayment terms range from 6 months to 12-24 months.
Although we do not offer a decrease in repayments while you are paying off your loan, our loans are open loans which means you have the ability to pay off your loan at anytime only pay interest to date and not for the full-term loan. 
Visit our website today to find out if you qualify! 
Ready to Apply? Fill out a quick application online:
If you have any further questions on how our program works, please give our office a call at 1-877-213-2088 and we will be more than happy to speak with you.
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2 years ago
Well, I can say that the you have mentioned a good point as about the Bad credit for loans. great. Thanks to share this blog and make us to know about this. Have a pleasant time every day.
Reply by Magical Credit
2 years ago
Hi Victor,

Thanks for your feedback! So glad we were able to offer awesome info :D
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Bad credit shouldn't stop you from getting the funds you need in an emergency. Contact us today to learn more about the options available to you or fill out an application online.
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Remember to also ask about our referral program.
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Looking for loan options with bad credit? We can help, contact a member of our team for more details.


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