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Online Installment Loans Canada 

I am looking for an online installment loan that will allow me to complete everything electronically without having to go to an office to sign paperwork or verify documentation.
Does your company offer this?
I can send all documentation via email if needed. How soon can I get an installment loan after I apply? 


By Magical Credit
You have come to the right place! Magical Credit is a Short term private lender and we are completely online based.
Depending on your income our loans are from $2,000-$10,000, and we offer 12-24 monthly, semi monthly, biweekly installment loan options.
Visit our website at to fill out the online application and a loan officer will contact you within as little as one business day through e-mail and if you are approved it takes 2 business days to receive the funds directly deposited.
If you apply today you can also take advantage of our New Year Bonus! 
Learn More about the New Year Bonus Here. 
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4 months ago
Contact a member of the Magical Credit team to learn more about the installment loan options available in your area.
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7 months ago
Interested in an online installment loan? Magical Credit offers flexible loan solutions to Canada! Learn more or apply today.


15 member reviews
    By Anna
    Thank you for helping me when no one else would!
    Magical credit has helped me get a loan when all the banks turned me down! Thank you so much!
    helped me get a government subsidy loan on CCB. no regrets. thanks

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